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Welcome to LAMHDI

LAMHDI, the initiative to Link Animal Models to Human DIsease, is designed to accelerate the research process by providing biomedical researchers with a simple, comprehensive Web-based resource to find the best animal models for their research.

The site is provided by the National Institute of Health's National Center for Research Resources, as part of its support for researchers.

How LAMHDI Works

LAMHDI Database Search - The LAMHDI Database Search is a search of data from our partners. Currently MGI, ZFIN, RGD, SGD, and FlyBase have made their databases available to LAMHDI. A search returns pertinent information about the models they offer. Other organizations with appropriate data about animal models are welcome to join as LAMHDI partners.

Literature Search - The LAMHDI Literature Search is a search of curated literature citations concerning animal models. Currently LAMHDI indexes all PrimateLit records annotated with the "animal models" tag. Search results link to original citation records, abstracts, and full texts when available. Please suggest other literature resources that LAMHDI might include.

Web Search - The LAMHDI Web Search is a Google-like search of select websites that contain information about animal models. Currently LAMHDI indexes 70 sites with approximately 502,000 pages that you may search with a single query. Search results take you back to the originating site. Please suggest other sites that LAMHDI might include.

Featured Resources - Eventually LAMHDI will link all appropriate animal model databases in a single search. In the meantime, several additional resources have been identified as most useful to animal model researchers to supplement LAMHDI today. If you have other resources to suggest, please let us know.